Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Return of the Goddess

The Sacred Marriage

~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~

We’re hearing a lot about the Goddess returning.

I’m as excited as the next woman to see the sacred feminine return, re-establishing male/female balance.

However, at this point, when someone opens the subject of the Goddess, I almost cringe.

The attitude regarding the topic is often less than balanced. Unfortunately, discussions of the Goddess have tended to be a polarized, feminine activist approach that judges against the masculine. These dissertations are frequently laced with a raging, victimized, shortsighted perspective, citing men as the oppressive enemy.

As a radio show host, I’ve had the dubious pleasure of listening to these ravings, and would argue that our men have suffered as much, if not more, than women during the patriarchal era.

What does the return of the Goddess really mean? How can we address the topic from a unified stance that supports both men and women? Can we embrace the sacred marriage between the masculine and feminine, regardless of gender? What changes can we expect in our way of life if we do?

Our guest this episode offers a more balanced perspective.  Isabella Price is an international speaker, adjunct professor of contemporary religion at JFK University, and the author of the “One Truth, Many Paths” book series on the world’s wisdom traditions, which includes her most recent book, “Goddess Power: Awakening the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine in Your Life.”

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  1. This just in from Isabella Price:

    Thank you for a balanced and substantial conversation on the topic of the Goddess/Sacred Feminine, Gwilda. I would agree that we need a healthy integration and balance of both the conscious masculine and the conscious feminine at this critical evolutionary threshold. That means authentic cooperation and partnership in co-creating a brighter future for humanity rather than perpetuating the polarization and victimization patterns that served their purpose but are holding us back now at this critical time, as I see it. What is most needed in our world today are the undermined feminine values (cooperation, partnership, peaceful resolution of conflict, playfulness, creativity, and sustainable stewardship of our natural resources etc.) and the redefinition/ reclaiming of the true masculine archetype given the obvious dysfunction of our political, economic, and social systems shaped mostly by what I call the hyper-masculine or unconscious masculine. I believe that the wisdom traditions of the Divine Feminine/Goddess offer an important key to address this imbalance. To the Sacred Marriage both within us and without!

    Warm wishes,


  2. So beautifully stated Isabella!
    Thank you for your wonderful contribution towards restoring a loving balance.

    Many blessings,

    ~ Gwilda ~