Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Autism, Biological Sustainability and the War on Bugs

Autism, Biological Sustainability and the War on Bugs
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
A concept all of my indigenous shamanic teachers held was being mindful of all of our relations. Nothing was too large or too small to be considered a relation. As it turns out, my teachers may have been on to something.

The relationship between germs and disease was explored by Louis Pasteur between 1860 and 1864. From that time forward, germs were deemed “the enemy” and the war on bugs began.

Given that the human body hosts trillions of not only friendly, but necessary, microorganisms – outnumbering human cells by 10 to 1 –in effect, we are raging war on our own community – on our relations.

The very organisms we are recognizing as instrumental in maintaining health and balance, have become collateral damage of this war.

Are we are now reaping the rewards of our folly?

What is the hidden result of nearly destroying our biological community?

With us this hour to delve into the scientific aspect of this most important issue is Dr. Derrick MacFabe MD FACN the Assistant Professor and Director of the Kilee Patchell-Evans Autism Research Group, Depts. of Psychology (Neuroscience) & Psychiatry (Division of Developmental Disabilities), at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada. He is also a Core Member of the iTARGET Autism Initiative, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Dr. MacFabe is currently a Visiting Professor, Centre for Healthy Living and Food Innovation (HEFI), Faculty of Medicine, Maastricht University, Netherlands. His research examines the role of the role of gut- microbiome-brain interactions on the identification and possible treatments of autism spectrum disorders.
His website: kpearg.com

Shamanic Awakening in a World of Darkness

Shamanic Awakening in a World of Darkness
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
“There will come a time of darkness. Old pathways will be closed and the people will be unable to see the new. It is during these times that what I have taught you will be needed most. Until then, Wiyaka, trust what you know, not what you think you see.”
It was 1976, just one year before my old teacher crossed over. This was a major dissertation for the usually stoic, silent elder.

As usual, it was as clear as mud to me, but no matter how much I nagged, he would say no more.

Now, here we are, forty-two years later, and I am just starting to understand.  
Things are changing very quickly. Old concepts are dying, leaving us confused and disoriented. It is a time wrought with great turmoil. Economies are crashing, homelessness is on the rise, refugees of war are over-burdening sheltering countries, children are killing children, and no one can seem to agree on solutions. 

How do we find our way in a world gone mad?

Can the answer be found in history? Are there ancient, seemingly magical forms that can help us now? Is what my old teacher suggested true? Can shamanic divination and healing support our path through the darkness? If so, how?

Our guest this hour is well equipped to help us explore shamanism and its modern day application. With us is Itzhak Beery, a leading shamanic teacher, healer, speaker, community activist and author of numerous books on shamanism. For over 21 years, Itzhak has bridged the spiritual and practical wisdom of his indigenous teachers, with a powerful contemporary approach, relevant to our stressful and unbalanced modern times. Itzhak teaches internationally, and leads groups on healing expeditions to the Andes and the Amazon of Ecuador. He received the 'Ambassador for Peace Award’ from The Universal Peace Federation and the UN.
His website: itzhak-beery.com

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Voices From The Other Side

Voices From The Other Side
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
I don’t know when I first noticed that other people didn’t get messages from nature and unseen sources like I did.

I do remember my Irish grandmother, a devout Christian, telling me that, while she understood my hearing the Fae, as she called them, I really needed to keep it to myself. Others would not understand and think it the devil’s work.

That really frightened me. I didn’t want to be seen as bad. Yet I could not ignore the almost constant influx of information from the other side.

Furthermore, as long as I was careful of my interpretation, the data was always accurate.

More than once, I avoided disaster by listening to information I should have had no way of knowing.

I did learn to keep my own counsel. I learned very young that people were afraid of me and my messages were not welcomed.

When receiving information that involved the safety of my family, I would address my mother, saying something like, “Driving to town today is not a good idea.” She would listen, and take my advice, never asking questions.

Once, I overheard an aunt asking my mother why she listened to this nonsense. Mother simply answered, “Gwilda is like my mother was. She just knows things.”

Where do these messages come from? Why do some people hear them and others not? Can we all learn to hear messages from the other side? Can we trust what we hear?

Our guest this hour, Candice Sanderson is in a unique position to help answer some of these questions. The Author of “The Reluctant Messenger:  Tales from Beyond Belief” Candi has been a clinical and a school psychologist for over 40 years. Her life changed in a ten-minute period of time in August 2013 when she began to receive messages from other-worldly sources. The information was too strong to ignore, and she had to learn to live by another set of rules as her belief system stretched beyond the self-imposed limits of her past.
Her website: CandiceSanderson.com