Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Voices From The Other Side

Voices From The Other Side
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
I don’t know when I first noticed that other people didn’t get messages from nature and unseen sources like I did.

I do remember my Irish grandmother, a devout Christian, telling me that, while she understood my hearing the Fae, as she called them, I really needed to keep it to myself. Others would not understand and think it the devil’s work.

That really frightened me. I didn’t want to be seen as bad. Yet I could not ignore the almost constant influx of information from the other side.

Furthermore, as long as I was careful of my interpretation, the data was always accurate.

More than once, I avoided disaster by listening to information I should have had no way of knowing.

I did learn to keep my own counsel. I learned very young that people were afraid of me and my messages were not welcomed.

When receiving information that involved the safety of my family, I would address my mother, saying something like, “Driving to town today is not a good idea.” She would listen, and take my advice, never asking questions.

Once, I overheard an aunt asking my mother why she listened to this nonsense. Mother simply answered, “Gwilda is like my mother was. She just knows things.”

Where do these messages come from? Why do some people hear them and others not? Can we all learn to hear messages from the other side? Can we trust what we hear?

Our guest this hour, Candice Sanderson is in a unique position to help answer some of these questions. The Author of “The Reluctant Messenger:  Tales from Beyond Belief” Candi has been a clinical and a school psychologist for over 40 years. Her life changed in a ten-minute period of time in August 2013 when she began to receive messages from other-worldly sources. The information was too strong to ignore, and she had to learn to live by another set of rules as her belief system stretched beyond the self-imposed limits of her past.
Her website: 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I recently watched a report on a no kill shelter where the homeless dogs were provided with not only heated or air conditioned shelter (depending on the season,) food and water but also, blankets, chairs and even privacy partitions between cages.

Now this is all well and good and Lord knows, as an animal lover, I would not begrudge them any comfort.

I just have one question.

What about our homeless humans?

The growing homeless problem is rampant in the USA as well as Canada.

This is a beautiful and poignant video by my producer, Rob McConnell. Rob is the host of The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show and President & CEO of REL-MAR McConnell Media Company. He is also a man dedicated to bringing solutions to our troubled world.

Please, please watch it even though it will make you weep.

Please, please take it to heart and take action.


Gwilda Wiyaka
Host: The Science of Magic Radio