Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Shamanic Parenting

Shamanic Parenting
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
Creative dreams and vivid imagination seems to be standard issue for young children – the very traits that make for creative adults and exceptional human beings.
We desperately need brilliant, inspired leaders for tomorrow to create solutions for problems we’ve produced today.
Children are naturally shamanically gifted. Through their imagination, they create a matrix at the quantum level for reality to form around. In short, they can perform magic – until they are taught it isn’t supposed to work that way.
Our educational system and society at large seem determined to stifle the very traits that create genius, in exchange for indoctrination into the system – a system that is rapidly failing us all.
How can parents counter the assault on their children’s creativity?
“Become as little children,” of course.  
What our shamanically gifted children need is shamanic parenting.
How can a 50,000 year old practice save the brilliant minds and hearts of today? How can learning shamanic techniques free our children’s ability to dream a new future and magically create their dreams?

Imelda Almqvist may have some interesting thoughts on the subject. Imelda is the author of “Natural Born Shamans: A Spiritual Toolkit For Life,” and her upcoming second book, “Sacred Art, A Hollow Bone for Spirit: Where Art Meets Shamanism.” She is a shamanic painter and teacher, teaching shamanism and sacred art internationally.
Imelda pioneered a shamanic program for young people in London called “The Time Travelers,” offering safe sacred space for young people to develop a viable spiritual toolkit. Her school of Norse Shamanism in Sweden is called True North.

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